Urban Case Studies

We have two CASE STUDIES Sessions at the 2018 Urbanism New Conference. The first will include the following:

  • Vinegar Lane – a NZ urban intensification case study
  • The South Frame – an urban designer’s regeneration dream, but everyone else’s nightmare
  • Designing Public Space for Active Aging – a case study from China

Urbanism New Zealand is being held in Wellington from 14 to 15 May 2018. To register www.urbanismnz.co.nz

Vinegar Lane

In this presentation Duncan Ecob, Principal, Isthmus Group and Gavin Lister, Founding Director, Isthmus Group will demonstrate an alternative ‘home-grown’ form of urban development that draws on New Zealand’s older mixed-use inner suburbs. Vinegar Lane is an experiment of low-rise intensification that sets out to reinterpret the scale, character and spirit of inner city suburbs. Duncan is an Urban Designer with over twenty eight years experience in designing and delivering regeneration in the built environment. He leads the Place service, with a focus on Urban Design and Masterplans. Gavin is qualified in both urban design and landscape architecture. He has 28 years’ experience throughout New Zealand on a range of project types including housing, land and commercial development, public spaces and streets, urban master planning, parks and landscape design and large-scale infrastructure.

The South Frame

One of the most comprehensive, yet often misunderstood, urban regeneration projects undertaken in Christchurch presents a valuable, multi-layered case study on urbanism. The complexity lies in the ambitious, yet fundamental, revitalisation of a large central city area when there was little understanding or appetite for change. Sophie Connell, Urban Designer, Connell & Associates return to Christchurch to work on the rebuild was off the back of over a decade working in urban design, regeneration, development, masterplanning and placemaking in New Zealand and abroad. When The South Frame landed with her, the ‘underdog’ of the Anchor Projects, it presented the ultimate challenge. Cameron McLean, Project Manager, Otakaro Limited is currently responsible for the design and delivery of a number of the largest urban regeneration projects ever undertaken in Christchurch.

Active Ageing in China

With ageing populations, many developed countries including New Zealand have introduced policy to support the concept of active ageing. However, a lack of resources has presented significant implementation challenges for policy makers. This case study examines a low-cost solution using spatial design to improve the health of the elderly in a low income urban village in China. Dr Minh Nguyen is a lecturer at Wellington Institute of Technology, teaching architecture technology. Minh trained as an architect in Germany and received a PhD in architecture from the Victoria University of Wellington.


Dr Minh Nguyen, Cameron McLean, Duncan Ecob and Sophie Connell



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