Councils and Our Urban Environment

Justin Lester, Mayor, Wellington City Council joins Ben van Bruggen, Manager Urban Design, Auckland Council and our other POP Panel members as they identify the key issue areas the sector needs to address to bring about change. The 2018 Urbanism New Zealand Conference provides the opportunity for the sector to better connect our thinking for the planning, design and delivery of our urban environments.

Being held in Wellington from 14 to 15 May, the conference program includes feature speakers, session presentations, multiple panels, poster presentations, networking events and study tours in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. To register

Design Review Panels: PANEL Session

Lisa Dunshea, Manager Design Review Auckland Design Office, Auckland Council chairs a panel of representatives from Auckland Council and Wellington and Christchurch City Councils as they discuss the effectiveness and relevance of design review panels as a tool to improve urban design outcomes. Panel members include Melanie McKelvie, Auckland Council; Gerald Blunt, Design Manager, Wellington City Council; Josie Schroder, Principal Advisor Urban Design, Christchurch City Council; Dr Lee Beattie, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland; and Graeme Scott, Director, ASC Architects.

Re-start the Heart: HEART CENTRE Session

Dave Charnley, Urban Designer, Palmerston North City Council discusses ‘urban surgery to save city life’ as he demonstrates how a range of capital investment projects, strategic planning direction and a bottom up approach has been successful in reinvigorating the city life of central Palmerston North. Dave Charnley  is an award winning landscape architect with a passion for realising shared cultural landscape and reconciliation with nature.

Business Case for Walking: MOVE Session

George Weeks, Specialist Urban Designer Auckland Council Design Office, City Centre Unit Auckland Council presents ‘counting walking to make walking count’. Auckland like many western cities, went down the path of auto-dependency, systematically measuring and providing for motorised vehicles while ‘accommodating’ people on foot and bike if any space were left over. To challenge this auto-orientated paradigm, Auckland Council developed the Business Case for Walking. George Weeks is a chartered planner and an urban designer. From 2011 to 2016 he was based in Transport for London’s urban design team where he developed the team’s expertise in monetising the economic benefits of high-quality public space.


Ben van Bruggen, Mayor Justin Lester, Dave Charnley, George Weeks and Lisa Dunshea

For full programme information


Conference Sponsors: Wellington City Council, Urban Design Forum, Jasmax, Isthmus, Boffa Miskell and NZ Transport Agency.


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