Keep Calm and Build Better Cities

Keep Calm and Build Better Cities is the title of Lauren Semple’s presentation in our DEVELOP AND DELIVERY Session at the 2018 Urbanism New Zealand Conference 14 to 15 May. To register visit Joining Lauren in this session is Keith Duddy from S23M, Simon Kaplan from ui! (the urban institute) and Professor Hugh Byrd.

Urban Development Authorities

From the London Docklands to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, urban development authorities have been responsible for the delivery of many of the world’s most impressive municipal projects. While the growth of New Zealand’s urban environment brings its challenges, the advantages for a nation when its cities are successful are myriad. To optimise these benefits, a legislative and regulatory framework is required to join the dots. ‘Keep Calm and Build Better Cities’ discusses is KiwiBuild too ambitious? Or not ambitious enough? Lauren Semple is a resource management partner and leads the resource management team at Greenwood Roche.

Pattern-based Thinking

As the collaborators who plan, purchase, install, operate and maintain smart urban infrastructure are from many disciplines, Keith Duddy, Senior Advisor, S23M and Simon Kaplan, CEO, The Urban Institute present a framework for the communication of the concepts used to transfer meaning through an increasing finer-grained set of patterns: starting from the layout of the streets and street infrastructure. This approach enables dynamic analysis, reconfiguration and better use of city infrastructure with the goal of more sustainable use of resources and a richer experience for city dwellers.

Disruptive Technologies

The aim of Professor Hugh Byrd’s presentation is to illustrate the impact of disruptive technologies such as distributed electricity generation, smart grids and blockchain energy on the future urban form in New Zealand. A case study will be presented that demonstrates the potential impact of these technologies and their implication on future policy for urban growth. Hugh Byrd is both an academic and a practicing architect. He is Professor of Architecture at Unitec Institute of Technology and the University of Lincoln, UK.

For more information on the Programme

Professor Hugh Byrd; Keith Duddy; Lauren Semple; and Simon Kaplan




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